Wax Engine Parade artwork commissioned by snovaaprell

Wax Engine Parade (Novel): In the summer of 1997, bassist Noah and his offbeat bandmates hop into a ramshackle van to embark on a career-defining tour across the country. On the road, Noah develops feelings for Eli, the band’s leader who suffers from depression and painful glass shards sprouting from his head. As fame veers within reach and Eli’s afflictions worsen, Noah must navigate his desires and the remaining tour with care to protect the band—and man—he loves.

Smoke Over No Man’s Land (Novel): When Nettle’s crust punk brother Luke goes missing during a string of gigs, a mysterious voice message left three days later serves as the only evidence he hasn’t ODed and died in a ditch somewhere. And then his unpaid debts come knocking at Nettle’s door. Unable to pay up and desperate to dodge responsibility for Luke’s mistakes, she sets out to find him alive and drag him home. With the help of both her weed dealer/best buddy and high school ex-girlfriend, their search quickly bleeds outside Oklahoma state lines and into seedy punk houses and music venues across the Southwest. But as the dead ends and flimsy leads pile up, surreal plagues descend on their hometown, eroding and chewing up the land itself. Convinced that Luke’s disappearance and the town’s decay are tied, Nettle must hurry to track down her brother, or she’ll lose the only family and home she’s ever known.

we’d go up on the roof at night and actually contemplate the moon
my friends and i trying to blow each others’ minds
just lying there gazing, young and ridiculous
and we meant it, our eyes watering

the microphones (phil elverum)